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Join us for the 14th ARIG Conference this November in Hong Kong!

ARIG Hong Kong 2015 meeting is sponsored by:

WNS Global Solutions (UK) Ltd
Lufthansa Systems

Paul Rose, Organiser and Chair of ARIG

ARIG Legal mantra

"Neither this Association nor its members shall engage in, facilitate or condone activities that restrain competition in violation of national, state, federal laws or otherwise.

The Association and its members shall not discuss or reach agreement on competitively-sensitive topics including, but not limited to, current or future fares, rates, prices or costs of services to be provided by members, the territories, routes or markets served by members, the identity of specific customers, future marketing plans or joint refusal to deal with customers or suppliers."

REVENUE INTEGRITY is the practice of preventing and correcting problems within an airline's reservation data to improve the experience of the traveller and the revenue stability for the carrier. OR more simply put: Ensuring that the right passengers fly on the right flight at the right time at the right fare!

ARIG was instigated in 1998 by British Airways as an initiative to faciliatate a forum for airlines who are also utilising revenue integrity, or who are interested in setting up a Revenue Integrity department within their Revenue Management / Distribution area, to share best practices and ideas. Revenue Integrity is not a competitive issue. It provides a focus on existing business by reducing deliberate and accidental abusage of an airlines inventory. This improves the Revenue Management data and the reduction of No-Shows and improves the level of seat access for ones customers. Revenue Integrity focuses on selling class abusage, unticketed bookings by the specified deadlines, fictitious bookings and numerous other areas that contribute towards the prevention of a genuine customer from being provided with a seat.

Today, there are numerous software companies that have developed sophisticated solutions to help eradicate these problems. Many of these are listed within this website and regularly attend ARIG meetings in order to better understand requirements. They also supply sponsorship to the events which is much appreciated. We also have GDSs attending the meetings in order for them to present on their current and future solutions at source, and to cover questions and concerns from their customer airline's Revenue Integrity departments. This is not a duplication of existing Distribution / GDSs structures, but serves to compliment the process and provides a dedicated focus on reselling inventory that otherwise would have resulted in an empty seat!

Since ARIG's inception in 1998, with 7 International airlines at the first meeting organised by British Airways, it has since grown to more than 50 organisations including all the World's leading airlines participating. Meetings are held regularly around the World with ARIG members hosting the events in their home city. To date we have held five meetings in the following locations:

  • London November 1998 hosted by British Airways
  • Chicago June 1999 hosted by United airlines
  • Houston March 2000 hosted by Continental airlines
  • Madrid November 2000 hosted by Iberia
  • Zurich May 2001 hosted by Swissair
  • Helsinki December 2002 hosted by Finnair.
  • Cape Town November 2003 hosted by South African Airways.
  • Rome November 2004 hosted by Alitalia.
  • Las Vegas Novenber 2005
  • Maui, Hawai USA March 2007

Our next event will be held in Amsterdam during Spring 2008.

Future meetings will generally occur annually, rotating around the globe to ensure that easy local access is offered to all airlines interested in joining the organisation. Membership is free, with the only costs incurred being attendance at the meetings i.e. hotel bills and sometimes a small contribution towards meeting costs etc. For further information contact Paul Rose.


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